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Group Booking Terms


For group bookings of greater than 3 passengers, but not more than 12 passengers, payment is required in the following manner: 
  • The person that has contacted Downunder Charters – from here indicated as the group organizer – takes full responsibility of the booking.
  • The group organizer must supply a deposit of 50% to secure the booking. This payment must be made by credit card/ paypal. 
    • Any other form of payment such as cash or direct deposit cannot be for a deposit but is allowable for a full payment, further part payment(s) or a payment of the remaining balance.
  • The group organizer is required to supply payment of any remaining balance still outstanding for the booking 1 full week prior to the charter date booked.
  • The group organizer agrees that they are aware that as Downunder Charters will not be able to take any further bookings to cover/replace the number of passengers you have committed to at the time of booking, the total balance will be charged to the group organizer’s credit card in the case any or all of the group/party not show on the day, or should insufficient cancellation notice not be provided to Downunder Charters.
  • In all cases of a group booking, all discussions relating to any financial aspect will be with the group organizer. Other individuals within the group have no status financially with Downunder Charters as there is no record of financial dealings with anyone else within the group.
  • Full balance of payment is required for full vessel bookings (up to 12 persons) 14 days prior to the departure date.
  • All large group bookings (7 to 12 persons) or private charter bookings, require a minimum 14 days notice to be eligible for a refund.
  • All other groups (4 to 6 persons) require a minimum 7 days notice to be eligible for a refund.
  • A family booking or an adult and accompanied child/ren is considered as an individual booking.
  • Special offers cannot be combined in any manner.

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